Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'm not sure what to call this - A dress? Overalls?

Back in August, a Reddit user was giving away a couple vintage patterns and I snagged this baby:

It's Le-Roy/Weldons number 9135, which is a brand I've never even heard of. I love the overall bib type top - it looks a lot like the backless dresses that were super popular this summer. I wanted a skirt that was a bit fancier, and had also recently acquired this Japanese sewing book (Otome no Sewing). It includes a pattern for a super cute gathered skirt with a yoke.

I then found this great flannel at the $1.99 fabric store. Put all that together, throw in some lace, and here's the result!

I had to get someone to help me fit the back because trying to do it myself when there's so little fabric was quite difficult.

It's not really visible in the photos, but the bust darts are a bit too pointy. I tried to re-shape them a couple times, and it's one of those things that will probably only bother me, but they could be better.

 I didn't want to have visible buttons on the skirt when wearing it on it's own, so I attached the top and bottom with skirt hooks and bars. 

There's also hooks in the back with decorative buttons. I figured this would be easier to do up on my own than real buttons. You can also see how the lace is attached here. I sandwiched it between the outer fabric and lining, then top-stitched everything.

Here's the skirt on it's own. The yoke is not quite symmetrical because...

ahhhhh! I ripped a hole in the fabric taking the basting stitches out of the zipper.  I had to re-insert the zipper with a wider seam allowance to hide the hole (thankfully the skirt was still a bit roomy so losing the width on the waist wasn't a problem.)

Here's the final zipper:

It's not symmetrical with the other side because of the fix. I tried to line the pattern up on the fabric as well, but the flannel is pretty loosely woven and shifty. I'm not too bothered by it.

Only the yoke of the skirt is lined.

If you've read my other posts you might be aware of my love/hate relationship with bows. Well, guess what? I made four bows this time, before I even finished the rest of the dress! They're all on pin backs so I can put them wherever.

I've already worn the skirt a couple times. This is definitely not one of those projects that will sit around in the back of the closet.

This is my "it's fucking cold and I'm done with this" face.

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