Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bubble bubble...

...toil and trouble, yada yada yada.

I started setting up an Etsy shop recently (hence the toiling and troubling). One of the things I've considered selling is bubble skirts. Since I don't have a reliable way to serge fabric edges, making a skirt where all the edges are enclosed seems quite appealing. I also wanted to try out just using elastic as a waistband, the way a lot of factory made skirts do now a days. I probably won't do an elastic waist like this for sale - it's not very neat on the inside.

When I started making this I was going to make a dress, but, eh... I tried it on as a skirt and it seemed more versatile so I stopped there.

The skirt looks kind of silly on the inside. The lining is much smaller than the outside layer to create the bubble poof, which coincidentally keeps the skirt from flying up when it's windy. Overall this is super easy to wear because of that, and because the fabric I used has a wrinkled texture. No accidental panty shots and no ironing? Score!

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